New projects

Over the summer break I started two new projects. One was a quilt and the other was a dress. There are many projects lurking in my brain but these two came about due to my aims this year.

Firstly, I should really make those wedding presents for the friends who got married over a year ago… Luckily the second anniversary is cotton!

Secondly, I hate shopping for pants. They never fit right and if they do then I don’t like them.

So I had a trawl through Spotlight. The one near me isn’t great however they were having a 3 patterns for $10 sale. I came out with these three.

3 patterns for $10 woo!

3 patterns for $10 woo!

There are a selection of dresses and a pair of fitted pants. Yes. You read it. Fitted pants for a plus sized lady. In these patterns I’m a size 24 but in the shop I’m closer to an 18-20. Butterick haven’t changed their sizing in many years so the sizing is old school… I don’t have an issue with that, they just need to do more things in the bigger sizes.

My first project is a dress. Specifically this dress.

First dress project

First dress project

In this fabric.

cherry fabric

love at first sight

There have been a few trials along the way. Tension is a new and exciting thing. I’m used to working with cotton so getting this to not pucker was trial and error until I asked the internet. Turns out that when I overlock I need to pull the fabric through and when it’s a straight stitch seam, just let the machine take it.

Whilst completing this dress I have learned many things. Some of them are:

  • Tension is important.
  • Mismatched thread isn’t always a bad thing.
  • The seam ripper is your friend
  • Sewing in a straight line is hard!
  • Undersewing makes your finished product look extra schmancy

I’ve just finished unpicking the entire skirt so once that is reattached I just need to add the elastic in the waist, hem and finish the shoulders. Then it’s time to give it a test run at work!

Sewing time!

Sewing time!